A watershed protection plan (WPP) is a voluntary (non-regulatory) approach for identifying and addressing source water quality issues.

Lavon Lake has been monitored since 1971 by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and NTMWD. There are no impairments to water quality that have been identified in the lake; however, the most recent Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality – which describes the condition of all monitored streams in the state – showed elevated levels of bacteria in the East Fork of the Trinity River above Lavon Lake and Wilson Creek. Although current treatment processes remove all bacteria, increases in other pollutants, such as nutrients, could lead to additional treatment costs.

In order to address these issues, NTMWD partnered with Texas A&M AgriLife and proactively developed a WPP for Lavon Lake. These efforts were supported by a grant front the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Public Involvement

Local public involvement is critical for successful development and implementation of a WPP. Interested participants can join the Lavon Lake Watershed Partnership, participate in meetings, and provide input on implementation of the Lavon Lake WPP.

Contact our Watershed Manager to find out how you can get involved.

Timeline of Events

Sep. 2016
Project Kickoff Meetings
Oct. 2016
Texas Watershed Steward Workshop in McKinney
Nov. 2016
Monthly WPP Development Meetings Begin
July 2017
Draft WPP open for public comments
Aug. 2017
Draft WPP closed for public comments
Dec. 2017
Draft WPP approved by EPA

To view a copy of the Watershed Protection Plan Click Here