Looking for a rewarding career providing essential services? Water and wastewater operators are in high demand in the DFW area, and NTMWD is working with Collin College in offering free training for individuals interested in joining this rewarding essential services industry.

NTMWD’s partnership with Collin College is designed to provide a pathway for students interested in working in water and wastewater operations – a great career field that provides vital services our communities will always need. The program which launched in 2019, will help develop a pipeline of future employees critical to supporting our fast-growing North Texas region.

This grant funded program prepares individuals for a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Class D Wastewater or Class D Water Operator License and participation in a 5-week paid internship. Currently, there are two training paths, one for water operators and the other for wastewater operators. Students take a series of classes culminating in a Class D Water or Class D Wastewater license awarded by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Following the training and licensure attainment, participants will have the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience with a five-week internship at the District.

The District recently hired its first wastewater operator trainee for the South Mesquite Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant after he completed the first two Waterworks courses and passed his Class D Wastewater Operator License test. The first full series of wastewater classes, expected to be complete by September 1, 2020, had a total of 18 participants. A second series of classes began in July and is expected to be complete this fall. Plans are underway for classes focusing on water operators and will be announced soon. Currently all classes are being conducted through virtual learning. NTMWD is expected to select its first group of interns in September.

For more information or to learn where to register please contact Susie Davisson at 972-985-3745 or email sdavisson@collin.edu or Laura Henry at 972-985-3733 or email lhenry@collin.edu. See flyer for additional details.

Inaugural Class of Waterworks Training Program – photo taken in March, before quarantine and social distancing orders were issued.