Wipes Are Not Toilet Paper – Wipes Belong in the Trash

Dispose of Used Wipes Properly to Prevent Sewer Blockages

With the recent increased use of disinfectant and cleaning wipes, as a regional provider of wastewater collection and treatment, we want to remind everyone that wipes clog everything.

Wipes and cleaning cloths are designed to be stronger than toilet tissue, so they do not break down in water. This includes disinfectant wipes, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, bathroom wipes, facial or cosmetic wipes, personal hygiene wipes, floor cleaning or dusting wipes, and toilet bowl scrub pads. Even products labeled “flushable” can clog your sewer line because their plastic fibers do not break down quickly.

The non-toilet friendly items you flush might disappear without a problem, but beyond the drain opening is a world of traps and pipes, and the wipes may get stuck and build up there. Even when flushed wipes make it beyond the toilet and into sewage pipes, these items do not break down, and over time, they will tangle and clump together. Blockages can cause sewage to back up into your home or neighborhood resulting in unpleasant and expensive repairs.

Remember these three tips:

  1. Wipes Block Everything – So Do Not Flush Them. All types of wipes belong in the trash.
  2. While packaging states flushable, wipes do not break down causing blockages in sewer pipes.
  3. Remember the 3 Ps. The toilet should only be used for three things; Pee, Poop, and toilet Paper

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